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3Ds is a friendly, UK-based software house & IT consultancy established in 1998.
Now part of Care101, we have many years experience in software development, consulting & support.
Web, mobile or desktop, client or server solutions.


Getting your design right is key to the success of the ultimate solution.
Whether you're building a new system or adding to or updating your current one, we can help you get the best from your technology choices.


Once the design is complete, the system can start to take shape.
We use the latest development environments & virtualisation to fit in with your ongoing strategy.


Getting the solution right involves much more than just good coding.
Understanding your requirements, interpreting them correctly and helping guide key decisions all help ensure the ultimate solution meets & exceeds expectations.


Our popular range of Sentry-go® monitoring & alerting software provides automated monitoring for our customers world-wide.
Now part of Care101, our Advanced Booking system CAB enables staff and clients to manage their requirements whether from their desk or on the move, 24 hours a day!

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Find out how we can help you get the most from your technology. Make IT work to your advantage, rather than working around it!

3Ds is a software house & IT consultancy that has been designing, developing and delivering solutions since 1998. Formerly 3Ds (UK) Limited, we are now part of Care101 Limited, providing IT solutions to the healthcare & agency sector. Alongside that, we continue to offer our full range of services including bespoke system design & development, detailed & strategic consulting and technical support.

Design, develop & deliver solutionsDesign, develop, support & beyond

The IT world is an ever changing market, though broadly speaking the principles remain the same. We have many years of experience in today's environments and can help ensure the technology of tomorrow can help you improve your business today. Integration with your existing investment & longer term strategy are both areas we can help with.
Add to this our technical support facilities and 3Ds gives you a very affordable all-round solution to meet your IT needs, however large or small.

Software products & solutionsSoftware solutions

We also maintain the same high standards in our own software products & solutions.
Our popular range of Sentry-go® monitoring & alerting software provides automated monitoring for our customers world-wide - countries including the UK, USA, France, Canada and Australia as well as the Far East. 
As part of Care101, we have also developed CAB - our Care Advanced Booking system. Designed for agency, care & nursing home scheduling, staffing, compliance, time sheets, payments & invoicing, its a complete online solution to meet today's needs. And with mobile web features as well as cross-platform Android and iOS applications, staff can stay connected and in touch 24x7.
Whatever your IT needs, 3Ds can Design, Develop & Deliver the solution for you. Contact us to find out more or have a chat!
Design, Develop & Deliver Solutions