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Alongside our consulting, development & support services, 3Ds also maintains and supports a range of software solutions.


Today these are typically tailored towards healthcare and agency markets. However, we continue maintain our automated monitoring platform, Sentry-go®, which provides a number of monitoring, alerting & notification solutions designed to meet an organisation's needs and budget.  


Sentry-go Quick Monitors  Sentry-go® Quick Monitors.

Sentry-go Quick Monitors

Monitors that are "ready to go"

Sentry-go Quick Monitors are available, "out of the box" for many standard environments. They provide all the monitoring typical needed for those environments or tasks.



Quick Monitors are available for the following environments & monitoring tasks ...

  • Generic Windows application & domain servers
  • Microsoft SQL Servers
  • Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • Microsoft IIS Web Servers
  • File & Print Servers
  • Print Servers
  • File & Directory monitoring
  • Available Disk Space Monitoring

Each ones comes with client tools for local & remote access, an integrated web server, alerting and auto-responses features built in.


Find out more about Sentry-go Quick Monitors


Sentry-go Plus! Monitors  Sentry-go® Plus!

Sentry-go Plus! Monitors

"Flexibility built-in!"

Built on the success of our Quick Monitors, Sentry-go Plus! provides total flexibility by allowing individual monitoring components to be combined. With it you can choose the monitoring you wish to perform, whilst retaining all the benefits found in a single, easy to use monitor.


What's more, Sentry-go Plus! can adapt and grow as your server's roles develop. Simply add or transfer options between servers as needed to ensure continued monitoring coverage. 


With Sentry-go Plus! you only need to purchase the monitoring components you wish to use. The monitoring framework, client tools, alerting & auto-response features & integrated web server for real-time reporting are all built-in!








Available monitoring options include ...

Network access status - check network access to key TCP/IP resources
Available Disk Space - verify sufficient disk space on your drives
System Performance - monitor hardware & software performance is within limits
Windows Services - verify service status, including auto-restart
Windows Processes - monitor running tasks, including auto-restart & termination
Event Logs & Log Files - automatically be informed of errors/entries in logs/log files
Printers & Queues - monitor queues & jobs, including auto-pause/deletion
Files & Directories - monitor file sizes, counts, access, updated, created, deleted etc.
HTML Content & Availability - check access to your web sites, ensures pages correct etc.
FTP Access & Availability - automatically emulate an FTP client to verify access
Firewall & TCP/IP port monitoring - monitor the status of the Windows firewall & availability of TCP/IP ports
E-mail send & receive - automatically check that e-mails can be sent/received
Database Query - ensure database connectivity & optionally key query results
SQL Server Locking - monitor for locks & blocking, including auto connection termination
Scripted Monitoring - plug in your own monitoring scripts and let Sentry-go do the rest!



Sentry-go web reporting


    Find out more about Sentry-go Plus! monitoring



Sentry-go Solutions  Getting help with Sentry-go® Solutions!

Unlike many other systems, Sentry-go not only monitors, detects and alerts you when errors occur, it can also help & assist you with problem resolution. Using auto-responses, you can configure the monitor to take action automatically in order to resolve a fault - for example ...
  • Clear down temporary files to reclaim disk space
  • Restart a failed service
  • Pause or delete a large print
  • Terminate a SQL connection that is blocking others etc.

For more complex issues, the monitoring also links directly to Sentry-go Solutions!


Sentry-go Solutions! is a web site provided specifically for Sentry-go customers and takes the information provided by monitor and uses it to search the web for answers. In most cases, an error message or fault you've encountered will have been seen by others many times before, so using their discussions & solutions, you can gain technical information & advice to solve the problem.


Sentry-go Solutions


See more information on Sentry-go Solutions.



 Our technology Custom Solutions

Our consultants and development engineers can also design and develop complete solutions, whether desktop, web or mobile.


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