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We offer a full range of software and related IT services. Whether you're looking for a single user system or multi-function solution, or a quick fix to an existing problem, we can help. Whether you're working in a private care home, a small office - or you're part of a much bigger organisation, we can help make the technology work for you.


From consulting and software & project development through to implementation and technical support, each task can be tailored to your specific needs. It doesn't matter if its a pohne call, a one day assignment or a much longer or ongoing contract, wer'e here to help.


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Our technologyTechnology

IT is a fast moving business where methods, designs & architectures, not to mention the technology itself changes & adapts continually. Using the most appropriate solution can be critical to the overall success of any project and as software specialists, our consultants have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon. Here are just some of them.



  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Visual Basic, Visual C++, C, C#
  • Xamarin cross-platform solutions
  • SQL, ODBC, OLE/DB, ADO.NET & native


Database & data access

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQL & stored procedures
  • COM+ & distributed transactions
  • XML & JSON


  • Windows Server 2008, 2012 & 2016
  • Windows 7, 8 & 10
  • UI & service-based, background solutions
  • Microsoft SQL Server 
  • Internet Information Services (IIS)

Application types

  • GUI-based systems
  • Web-based systems & applications
  • Mobile-based Xamarin applications for Android & iOS
  • Windows Services
  • DLLs, shared code modules & APIs
  • Command-line utilities
  • Automated administration
  • Automated monitoring solutions

Consulting servicesConsulting

Whether you require a single meeting to discuss a specific technical issue, ongoing development support or assistance with long term company IT strategy, our experienced consultants can help you through each stage of a system's development. On-site, off-site & remote consulting can be arranged to suit your needs.

Project & software developmentSoftware development

Working either on or off-site, either as a single unit or as part of your own IT team, our developers can design & develop complete Windows, web or mobile solutions in addition to other components that integrate with your existing systems. However large or small your requirements, our designs will compliment your existing and potentially future environments. 


 Technical support servicesTechnical support, advice & assistance

Our support team is available to give advice, perform investigation and provide solutions to software or environment problems you or your own support department may encounter.


Please contact us if you have any questions, requirments or to find out more.